A good first impression is made in only a few seconds and that is why quality images that convey a clear message are more important than ever!

We believe that building your brand by creating a professional portfolio of images is the core to your success as it enables stakeholders to visualise your skills and expertise.  At GKPHOTOGRAPHY we provide the professional photography that produces results and exceeds your expectations.


Our business brings your vision forward.

Every successful business and individual seeks to have images that portray their uniqueness and corporate culture accurately; images that can only be created by a professional that understands the importance of corporate culture and the benefits of strong branding.  Gregory is this professional.  Owner of GKPHOTOGRAPHY and head photographer, Gregory’s ability to create unique images for you is based on his many years of local and international experience.  His goal is to use his experience to bring life to your vision.


What we offer you

We help you reach your goals by providing professional photography services that suit your budget and produce results that exceed expectations.

At GKPHOTOGRAPHY we offer our services on location where you can feel most comfortable.  This allows you to express yourself freely, with confidence and positive energy.  On-site photography sessions provide the opportunity for you to showcase your skills, products and/or services in a natural environment that reflects the messages you seek to convey.

GKPHOTOGRAPHY has created portfolios for clients ranging from small businesses to corporate bodies, from business owners and representatives to models and performers.  We are the professional photography business that has enabled numerous successful individuals and organisations to understand their vision and make it a reality.

From simple head shots to complete social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), visual content for businesses (staff photos, product shots, property photography), complete portfolios (dancers, models, entertainers) or capturing your unique vision,  we can help.  Reach out to GKPHOTOGRAPHY!